Thursday, January 8, 2015

Testing Published Web Services (WSDL) through SOAPUI

In the previous article we have seen how to publish CIS resources as Web-Services. Now lets see how to test them out through the SOAPUI tool before we access it from end clients.

1. We have seen how to publish the example procedure (LookupProduct) as a Web-Service.
After we publish the procedure we have 4 WSDL links as shown below.

Since the default Security Policy is set as Http-Basic-Authentication only the http links will work.
Open the Composite Web Service (Composite_Test) and Double Click on one of the http link, the link will be copied to the clipboard.

2. Open SOAPUI. (I am not going to cover how to install SOAPUI in this blog. Installation of SOAPUI is straightforward)

3. Right Click on Projects and Select New SOAP Project.

4. After you Select New SOAP Project in the Intital WSDL field enter the WSDL you copied in Step 1 and enter a name for the Project. Select Create sample requests for all operations.

5. SOAPUI will automatically create the Request for the operations in the WSDL supplied.

6. Right Click on Request 1 and Select Show Request Editor.

7. A new window will open to the right which is the Request Editor.

8. In the request properties: Enter the username and password (admin/admin).

9. In the request you can enter any integer value and hit the Submit Request (Green Arrow Button) and it will return the Product Information.

10. When you hit Submit Request it will return the Response for that particular product.

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