Thursday, December 26, 2013

CIS Server LOG Time and Time-Zone

CIS time and timezone is dependent on the server and server timezone.
The default timezone of Composite is GMT.
If you would like to change the time zone from GMT to say like IST do the following

1. Stop the Composite Server
2. Browse to the "conf\server" folder on the server
For Eg: 
"C:\Program Files\Composite Software\CIS 6.1.0\conf\server"

3. In that you would see a file named: "server" which is an XML File.
4. Browse to the end of the file and you would see a tag like : <Set name="LogTimeZone">GMT</Set>
5. Change the above tag to IST
6. Restart the server which will reflect the new time zone (IST).

7. Additionally, if you want the same time to reflect in WebService calls then do the following
8. Login as a user which has "MODIFY_ALL_CONFIG" rights
9. In Administration Tab go to Configuration
10. Under Composite Server -> Web Services Interface -> TimeZone Base On GMT
11. Change the value from True to False

Composite Time Zone Config Parameter 

12. You shall see the changed time and timezone in Web Service Calls.

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