Friday, March 8, 2013

Creating a new USER in CIS (web-service)

In this training article, we shall see how to create a new user in Composite by executing the build-in Composite Web Service.

1. Login into Composite using admin credentials or a User having MODIFY_ALL_USER and ACCESS_TOOLS Rights
    (I shall post about Rights and Privileges of Composite Users in future Posts)


2. After you login the page is divided into two panels. In the left panel you can see Desktop (Work Area)
    Navigate (Double-Click) to the following path
    Composite Data Services->Web Services->system->admin->user->operations->Bunch of operations under this

3. Right click on createUser and click Open as shown
4. When createUser operation is opened, there is an Execute button icon in the second pane as shown. Click on that icon which opens up an XML Document

5.  Edit the XML Document as required. Lets say if we want to create a composite user with these credentials
Domain: composite
UserName: rajesh
Password: rajesh

The XML Document will look like this:
<user:createUser xmlns:user="">

Annotation is like a comment you would like to add for this user and explicit rights are rights to assign to a user (Will post about user rights in composite at a later stage.)

Click ok and your new user is created in Composite.

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